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Pentagon Fears Global Technological Progress

by: Tony Cartalucci


US Army General Martin Dempsey delivered an April 2012  speech at Harvard University where he addressed what he calls the “security paradox,” where he stated, “although geopolitical trends are ushering in greater levels of peace and stability worldwide, destructive technologies are available to a wider and more disparate pool of adversaries.” Dempsey related his greatest fear – that these technologies were proliferating “horizontally across advanced militaries in the world,” and “vertically, down to nonstate actors, especially insurgents, terrorist groups and even transnational organized crime.”
While in many ways such concerns are sensible, and any responsible military charged with the defense of a nation would consider and prepare for not only new technologies but adapting appropriately to socioeconomic paradigm shifts, they hardly constitute the greatest threat America faces protecting its borders. The real threat General Dempsey and the Joint Chiefs of Staff fear is the shifting balance of power and the reduction of the vast disparity that once allowed the United States and the West in general to pursue its goals beyond its borders with impunity.
Dempsey notes in his speech that nuclear weapons were a “game-changing capability that was in the hands of the United States initially.” Of course, students of history remember exactly what the US did with these weapons when the balance of power was so radically tipped in its favor – bomb Japan with atomic bombs, twice. Dempsey continues by stating that although the Russians and others began acquiring the weapons “membership was limited by the high cost of entry.”
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