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Technological Unemployment

October 27 2011



by: Josh Hunt


Unemployment is currently rife globally and this is something we all just blindly accept as being “the way things are” and we make an instant assumption that “things will improve”. While this may have been true 20 years ago the reality we face now is very different due to the development of the human race technologically. I’m sure you have all seen the implementation of the electronic cashier in supermarkets, robotics replacing humans in the manufacturing process of goods and advanced software starting to remove the need for office staff. These are just a few examples of technology replacing the need for humans in the workplace.


As we continue to see huge unemployment figures around the world it is difficult to see where jobs are going to be created to help support the global capitalist system. If we take the UK for example the majority of people are now employed in the service sector, even in this economic sector we are beginning to see technology remove the need for people. There is a belief in the UK that the “Credit Crunch” is the cause of all our problems and that it is because of this that the unemployment rate is so high. I would argue that that is only one of the issues regarding the faltering economy, as we progress technologically jobs are lost as firms are able to adopt a new technology for a fraction of the cost that would be incurred if people were employed to complete the same task. You don’t have to give a new piece of technology sick pay, holiday, lunch breaks, a salary or any of the other benefits you have to provide people.


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Death by Technology

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