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  Common Sense 3.2
  Stop and use your COMMON SENSE

Stop waiting for politicians, lawyers, bankers, big and little business to save you. You will have to save yourself or suffer the inevitable consequences.

Well here we are, our whole world is in peril and no one seems to know what to do about it.
WE are so confused about what’s wrong and what should be done that we simply do nothing. Of course we can’t go on like this.

First we have to be honest with ourselves. Then we have to invoke our common sense. Very few people really know what’s wrong with the world. Our ignorance fuels our arrogance which makes it impossible see beyond the surface issues, the lies, the corruption, bad judgment, lack of leadership and above all the lack of vision.

The problems that we’re experiencing today are incomprehensible to most ordinary men and women. We want to believe they are simple and easy to resolve but that is not the case. The old ways of thinking and living don’t work anymore. We simply live in a different world and time.



Forget everything you’ve heard and everything you think you know. It is all wrong or peripheral. From here on start out with a blank slate untainted by the news and even your education because none of it can help you now or later.

To the people of the world, you have one way out of this mess – Change! There is no other choice but change and we need it in a very big way.  Our problems are much bigger than you can know. Fortunately for all of us, politicians, layers, bankers, big and little business can’t supply the change we need. We have only one hope for this planet. The only people that can help us now are the scientists and engineers. We need the help of the smartest most creative people on the planet. They are your real elite, not the thieves and ignorant baboons you chose to listen to and follow.

The people of the world are starting to get restless and for good reasons. If you think the world is going to change just because you’re angry, you’re wrong. This anger and its spillover are going to make things a lot worse much faster. Protesting isn’t enough to solve the accumulation of very complex problems. Protesting is not a solution. Protesting and decent is growing all over the world because governments all over the world can’t meet the needs of their people. This built up frustration will continue to grow because our problems will continue to grow and multiply.

I’m aware it’s beyond your ability to fully understand the capabilities of the scientists and engineers. So let me appeal to your common sense. There will come a time when all will fail. And believe me it will. Just remember this. Go to the smartest and most creative people on the planet (Scientist and Engineers). You will have to meet them halfway. The OsiXs plan is the only way to do that. There is no other plan and there won’t be another plan, just more decline and then collapse. Everything else is just talk, more lies and obfuscation. To create a real plan you have to understand the real problems.

The Real Problems

Is it strange that we seem to have a convergence of multiple near impossible problems approaching almost simultaneously? Peak oil, peak jobs, climate change, a population explosion, a corruption explosion, greater levels of unemployment globally, greater levels of poverty, endless wars and conflicts, financial Armageddon, etc. Our governments have known about most of these problems for better than 35+ years. Yet, Governments around the world have not dealt with these issues because they are totally outdated and inadequate. This is not like the depression of the 1930’s. It’s going to be much worse and possibly irreversible in our life times and our children’s life times if we fail. Wars, austerity, whatever you like to dream up – will not work.

The simple way to see it is this. We live and very complex world now. Things have changed drastically but we haven’t. Politicians are not the smartest or the most creative people on the planet. We have to put our best team on the field and in play. If you want the best solutions and chances at success use your head. Use your commons sense. The Scientists and Engineers are the smartest and most creative people on the planet. Your arrogance reinforced by ignorance may not allow you to believe that you and the planet are in trouble. That is unfortunate for all of us. But all you have to do is open your eyes and look around. Something is wrong and it’s not going to go away by closing your eyes or protesting.


The problem with understanding science and technology is dynamics. Rarely is science or technology straight forward. Dynamics are often used to fool the masses about climate change, technological unemployment, our monetary system etc.  Dynamics can make things appear to be one way when they really are a another way.


Most people and the media think that we’re having financial crises. Nonsense! Any financial problem, if it is truly financial in nature can be solved with money. Obviously this is not the case. Trillions of dollars have been dumped into the financial system and it has only postponed the inevitable while making matters much worse. The real underlying problem is not financial it’s much deeper and more dangerous. The real underlying problem is technology. Technology is destabilizing everything not just the financial system. That’s why your pseudo economic exports and PhD’s don’t get it and they can’t fix it. Only the big boys can fix this. The corruption in our economic and financial systems have increased their rate of decline and eventual collapse.

Most of us think in simple straight forward terms when it comes to technology taking our jobs. Most of us think that technology can’t do our job let alone threaten our jobs or way of life. So we feel safe when our politicians and big business tells us that technology creates jobs and that it doesn’t kill jobs. They are lying and in many cases they don’t know any better. See for yourself. We don’t feel threatened because we don’t see a direct threat. The problem is, there is a direct and indirect threat. It’s more subtle than we suspect but the damage is just as lethal. Dynamics is here working against us again with the help of Hollywood. Must of us are waiting for an autonomous robot made in our image to serve as an alarm bell that technology can and is replacing human labor. It's not that simple. Technology doesn't have look like you or think like you in order to replace you.  Sorry! but your alarm didn't ring because it's faulty. You are late! - very late! - and you're paying dearly for it.

"We have been lured into the false belief that in order to replace us, machines have to become like us – that, in fact, they have to somehow replicate our humanity. This is simply not true… The fact is that the bar which technology needs to hurdle in order to displace many of us in the workplace is much lower than we really imagine"
~ Martin Ford

Technology doesn’t have to directly displace most of the jobs in order to turn our civilization upside down. It only has to cripple a few sectors and threaten many others indirectly causing a rippling effect that cascades in all directions and all other job sectors. This causes more instability and indirect job loss. It’s a classic feedback loop but this one is a feedback loop creator. Eventually it will be impossible to stop. It doesn’t matter what we do. Our old paradigm and way of life are being driven out of existence by the constant forward march of technology.

We take technology for granted. Eventually technology will make money obsolete. Technology is now in the process of making human labor obsolete.


So why is all this talk of jobs and technology so important? Jobs are the foundation of our civilization. Jobs support the economic system that we use around the world. When the foundation starts to crack and shake, it shakes everything on top of it. That includes housing, healthcare, government revenues (taxes), businesses revenues, house hold income, social programs, pension programs, education, unions, law enforcement, infrastructure etc. (nothing can escape it). Have you noticed, they are all crumbling. The whole system requires customers with jobs so they can consume. No jobs no consumption. Think of technology as a disease or a virus that can’t be killed without killing the host. The virus will continue to eat away at our foundation (jobs) and everything else that they support – our civilization.

This is why we have a financial problem we can’t seem to fix, along with all the other problems we can’t seem to fix. The financial problem is just a symptom of a much larger problem. It has absolutely nothing to do with money. We can print money all day and night and nothing’s going change until we address the real underlying problems. Some people like to think corruption is a big part of the problem. Nonsense!  The increase in corruption is just a by-product of technology eating away at the foundation of our existence. For instance, another negative effect (instability) of technology is that it removes many opportunities for making money and a living. This drives many people, companies and governments to corruption and criminal behavior just to survive, maintain power or to increase profits.

The people on this planet have no idea what they are really dealing with. We call it the new Black Death. There is no way a politician or a banker can address the technology problem. They are lying about everything. They are not technologist.  And let me remind you, it’s much worse than you can know. This is only what you can see. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny watching the politicians and bankers lie, steal, move money around and claim their next scheme will be even better.

"Our elites—the ones in Congress, the ones on Wall Street and the ones being produced at prestigious universities and business schools—do not have the capacity to fix our financial mess. Indeed, they will make it worse. They have no concept, thanks to the educations they have received, of the common good. They are stunted, timid and uncreative bureaucrats who are trained to carry out systems management. They see only piecemeal solutions which will satisfy the corporate structure. They are about numbers, profits and personal advancement. They are as able to deny gravely ill people medical coverage to increase company profits as they are able to use taxpayer dollars to peddle costly weapons systems to blood-soaked dictatorships. The human consequences never figure into their balance sheets. The democratic system, they think, is a secondary product of the free market. And they slavishly serve the market."
Chris Hedges

These people are not your elites and never have been. In the 21st century we will need a new type of leadership. I agree with Jeremy Rifkin as to where we will find this new type of leadership and vision for our future.

"The new Moses who would deliver the chosen people to the land of milk and honey would not be a man of God, but rather a man of science.”
~ Jeremy Rifkin

 Wake up people!

We have a choice. We either let technology work for us or it will ruin us, then it will destroy us. Trying to compete against technology is insane. Exactly what we and our world have become - "insane!"

It’s going to take a lot of scientist and engineers from all over the world to get us back on course. If you think some 2 bit politician and his promises are going change anything then you and your fairy dust are the real problem. If you continue to listen to the lies and ignorance of presidential candidates, TV and radio talking heads, we will continue down the same old path of self-destruction.

Today we are only experiencing soft crashes in our economies. Eventually the soft crashes will turn into hard crashes and there won’t be much we can do about it except suffer.

We can prepare for the soft shocks. But there’s not much you can do to prepare for the hard shocks. It's best to avoid them all together.  It’ won’t matter how rich you are, how much gold or  silver you own or how much ammunition you’ve stored up. The hard shocks will eventually lead to collapse. The hard shocks will wake the world up. Unfortunately it will be too late to create a soft landing because we’ve just allowed ourselves to crash. Even still, the Scientist and Engineers will be your only hope.


The Harsh Reality & Irony

We've paid an unbearable price for our own Apathy and Complacency We are about to enter the new dark ages with a new form of the Black Death - a technological plague. We have no one to blame except ourselves. If you think this crisis can’t touch you because you’re too famous, rich or connected, you are wrong. It won’t be a matter of how much money you have because the hard crashes will make money and influence totally worthless. So while you sit and watch your fellow man suffer, you might as well prepare yourself – your turn is coming. It’s just a matter of when and how. And when your turn comes, no one will be there to help you either.

An old quote sums up this harsh Reality and Irony best:

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
Because I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
Because I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
Because I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
Becausee I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me - there was no one left to speak out.

~ Martin Niemöller

 Wake up people!

peak out while you can. Because once the hard shocks arrive, all the shouting, praying, protesting and remorse can’t help you.

Real change?

Absolutely nothing is going to change except for the worse. It will take extraordinary measures to change our course from decline. Look around you. Do you really think our problems are going to be solved with more talk, elections, politics, bailouts, protests or war. Is that what you are hoping for? Is that enough to bet your future on and the future of you families?

We the people are the real problem. We can blame the government, big business, politicians, banks and dictators if it pleases us. We the people out number these people and organizations by the billions. They are insignificant. They’re really not the root of our problems to move forward, we are. The real problem is that we allow them to rule us with unacceptable nonsense. The real problem is that we think we don’t have any other choice but to accept what they offer. We have a choice and a much better offer.


The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”
- Albert Einstein


– Final warning –
You’ve been warned about climate change, energy, poverty, peak oil,  peak employment, peak markets, gas, food, water, civil unrest, economic collapse and on and on. We’ve done nothing but talk while our problems multiply and intensify. Your final and most important warning is runaway technology – the new Black Death. Technology is the root to most of the problems and challenges that we face today and tomorrow. Now you have a complete picture of what’s really happening to you and the rest of the world. Do something about it!



Our choices are simple. Learn how to Live and Work together or prepare to fight to the death over the dwindling resources that we are wasting needlessly.


Good Luck to us All