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We Are Free!

Believe it or not, because of technology, we don’t have to live as our parents did in the past. Even more important, we can't afford it! But we are Free. We don’t have to work a 40 to 80 hour work week, sometimes with 2 or more jobs. Of course that’s only if you’re lucky enough to have a job these days. We are insane to go on like this. The only difference between a slave and an employee is that a slave is owned and the employee is rented. I know most of you have  never heard talk like this before. Well it's common practice to keep the slaves in the dark. We shouldn't have to beg or protest for work to support our existence. But here we are. We have to open our minds to the new realities, ideas and technologies. Our old ways and ideas are killing us. Our work hours and work loads are increasing while our wages and benefits are decreasing. Why do we accept this nonsense. Are we really this desperate, ignorant and lost. Our technology and scientists say we should only have to work 15 - 20 hours a week. Then why aren't we?  We don’t have to be slaves to big businesses, the banks or government. When enough people learn they don't have to be slaves, this whole nightmare will end. We Are Free! We only have to wake up and claim the heritage that our forefathers and parents left us, “Freedom and Technology”.

Unfortunately, we are not well led and in most cases we are purposefully miss guided, even against our own best interest. Now they want us to retire at the age of 68 or even later after we're dead.  Only a fool would accept such nonsense in a modern civilization. We should be retiring younger, not older. Excuse me, but when a fool is in charge of your life, someone other than the fool is made to pay for his or her foolishness. We should be able to retire at 55 or younger. Instead, the fools want to take us backwards. Everyone can have quality healthcare now. Everyone can have a decent place to live and a decent living wage ((( now ))). Let’s see, we have a choice, do we want to work a 15 to 20 hour week, or do I want to keep voting for politicians so they can keep their jobs while denying you a decent lively hood and standard of living. The choice is ours to make. You want to know what's worse than being a slave? A slave with no job or prospects for a job. That's the new and real reality for the present and our future until we do something about it. When they push with dumb ideas of austerity, don't flinch, start pushing and shoving back with smart ideas of technology. Push back with power not weakness. Join the revolution and get organized. Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( Revolution 2.0 ) and take back your lives and your future. If your are a non U.S. citizen read Comon Sense 3.2 at ( Save The World Now ). If you're waiting for miracles to solve our problems you are part of the problem.  Stop waiting for miracles or someone else to stand up for you. Stop waiting for politicians, bankers and big business to save you. They can't help you or themselves. Free people shouldn't act or live like slaves. There's no excuse for it and it just doesn't work anymore. The slave paradigm and mentality is coming to an end or it will be the end of us.

Most people think this is impossible. How can it be? We are the most advanced people that have ever lived. This is the 21st century. Catch up! Falling behind is no longer an option. That’s the very reason why most of us are being thrown out our jobs and our homes. And this is just the beginning. It’s going to get much worse and deadly.

Quick computer science lesson, it’s really easy so don’t worry:

There will never be zero% unemployment or even low unemployment with our current system. Even accepting 1% unemployment is a failure for any economic system. The rapid advancement of Technology will guarantee higher and higher levels of unemployment - period, end of story. You can’t fix this problem with our current forms of governments and economic systems. You can lie about it and try to hide it like we do today. It’s getting harder and harder to lie about the unemployment problem. So take my word for it, Man is no match for technology and we're fools if we don't get out of its way. The only sane thing to do is to get the hell out of the way. Let the technology do the work and let the people get the pay and more time to play. The choice is really simple. We can choose "Pay and Play" or "Death and Destruction".



Break Free!

        “whenever commenced, I cannot but wish success to all slave insurrections"
        ~ William Lloyd Garrison

We have to liberate the work force (the slaves). We don’t have a choice anymore. We have to free the slaves. Since the beginning of our existence, Man has exploited his fellow Man to his own advantage for the lack of  a better way, selfishness and greed. There is a better way which turns out to be the only way. There is a new slave now and we will never be able to compete with it ever again. The new slave is “Technology”. So sit down and relax. Resistance is futile. And if we insist, it will lead to death; death to many things and all things human. It will be a painful Death by Technology. See the chart below if you like proof.

     Chart by Technocracy inc.

Chart interpretation: As more efficient technology drives production up steeply, it also drives down total industrial man hours - steeply. The trend is irreversible and terminal. And this is only what we can see. What we can't see is much worse.

We’re not the hicks we used to be. Anyone that still believes the myth that technology creates jobs is a fool. I used to be one of them.

Most people don’t have clue. If they had any idea about the train that’s about to run them over, the churches would be full because the politicians, government, big business and banks can’t help them. That’s why they’re all feasting on the people for every nickel and dime they can extort. Well I have news for you, they’re in the same boat. The difference is, they’re pushing you in front of the train first. So close your eyes, it’s going to hurt.

Technology is not only a job killer, It allows our jobs to be shipped anywhere on the globe for the cheapest exploitable labor. It is the most versatile and stealthy, man made killer of all things. It is an economy killer and an environmental killer. You have a lot to learn. Then you have a lot to do. Freedom has never been free, cheap or easy. You should probably get started…

 Repeat after me - "I am not a slave. I am not a slave. I am not a slave."


* Just one little note for all the Scientists and Engineers before you get too excited. Because the idiots (politicians and lawyers) of today are creating such a big mess, scientists and engineers won’t have the luxury of a 15 to 20 hour work week for some time. Sorry guys!


- DT -