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  The Focus


Welcome to The Focus

News, Information and Technology with an Agenda - FREEDOM + SURVIVAL!

This website was formed to filter out the noise so we can focus on our real problems in order to move forward. You’ll find plenty of websites and news organizations that will tell you what’s going wrong in the world. But no ones offering any real solutions to address the root causes. People are tired of hearing what’s wrong with the world. They want to know what and when we’re going to do something about it.

The purpose of “The Focus” is to shine a bright light on the most important problem of our time – “The uncontrolled growth of Technology”. It is a cancer that’s eating away at the very fabric of our existence. We (OsiXs) are very pro technology. We embrace technology when it is used to enhance our lives. But technology also has a dark side. Until we reach out and educate the masses our whole world will continue to unravel. So join us, it’s your world too.

We won’t overwhelm you with the present day volume of noise a.k.a the news cycle. It’s almost meaningless. We focus on the real stories and information that matter most, nationally and globally that will most likely profoundly affect our present and near future. We try to meld perspective by focusing on the relevant past, present and future. Because without context there is no continuity. And without continuity, there can be no understanding. So try to focus
- "because you can't fight or fix what you don't understand".


                         "These are the Times that Try Men's Souls"
                               - Thomas Paine

Things are getting unbearable in the world today. How did we let this happen? In order to get to where we are today, we had to ignore and deny everything, every clue and every warning. A great many of us ignore and deny climate change. We ignore and deny the flaws in our economic and financial systems. We ignore and deny the flaws in our governments. We even ignore and deny the flaws in ourselves. Need I say more?

A world in such denial of itself and its surroundings will soon come crashing down upon itself. It's already begun.

It’s time to open a world wide dialogue about real change and moving the world forward. But talking about it isn’t good enough. And that’s all we seem to do on this planet is talk. If you’re sick of talk, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time for real action, organization, and then mobilization of the masses. The days and years of feeling hopeless and powerless are over. It’s time to unleash the real power of humanity. We have to learn our real strengths and then use them. We are mighty and unstoppable.

 All are welcome; we don’t care if you’re  a republican, democrat, German, French, christian, muslim, anarchist, socialist, communist, capitalist, black, white, purple, pink, happy or sad. It’s time for the people of the world to talk to one another and not through their governments or anyone else. We don’t need our so called leaders to lead us, to speak for us or to think for us. It’s time for the human family to become one again. It's time for the human family to grow up and lead itself. We don’t need government to tell us what to do, how to live or how to think. We are not children. Our governments will do what we tell them from now on. Let us not forget, they don’t own us, we own them and this planet - “all of us”.

Welcome to the first phase. This is the first step toward mending and healing the human family through science, technology, dialogue, thought and progress.

Our small minded Politicians would like to take us backwards instead of forward because that’s all they’ve ever known. They lack the vision and the intellect to take us into the future. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like suffering for someone else’s short comings or lack of vision. I have news for you. We can’t go back. An 18 year old will never be 10 again. And any such foolishness to move backwards will be harmful, both physically and mentally. Our politicians seem to think that inflicting pain, poverty and austerity will fix our economic system, our government and all the other problems they’ve been promising to fix for more than 150 years. I’ve got news for you. They can’t take us back to the good old days, because the good old days never existed.

Let me share some good news. We Are free!. We don’t have the same limitations that our forefathers, grandparents or even our parents had. We are free!. We should be doing the opposite of austerity. Free people shouldn’t act, think or live like slaves.



We are the most advanced people that have ever lived. Don’t let the closed minds or limitations of a few hold you back. The human race is suffering from a confidence crises and nothing more. We are incredible. You are more remarkable than you can understand, but that shouldn’t discourage you, it should free you. It is our job to help you understand it. So let us show you….