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What we need!
Why we need it!
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The count is the number of people who have voted in our National and International
movements for real change. The count is the number of the people who are aware and willing to move forward instead of sideways or backwards.

The movement has continued to grow because there are no other rational choices. Common sense and self preservation will eventually rule the day.

The count is the number of people who understand they don’t have to be slaves anymore and they are willing to do something about it. As our numbers grow, you will see real change and organization among the newly educated and emancipated masses. These people are educated about their real power and the possibilities. Once you know that, there is no going back. Progress is inevitable.

The count is the number of people who've been armed with the most advanced ideas and technology on the planet. So learn as much as you can, then break the chains that bind you.



Stand up and be counted...

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World Count
U.S. Count
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"How Computers Are Creating a Second Economy Without Workers"

Vote for World Change ((( NOW )))