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"From a slow and painful Death"








Technology will continue its steady march to displace and replace the human race and the human workforce. We can no longer ignore the obvious.

In 1993 the US retail giant, Sears, cut 50,000 jobs from its merchandising division. That same year, its sales revenues rose by 10%. General Electric, a world leader in electronic manufacturing, reduced its global workforce from 400,000 in 1981 to 230,000 in 1993, whilst tripling its sales.  Foxconn is replacing a half million of its workers with robots. The mass firing will continue unabated because we chose to do nothing. We chose to believe the lies.

Here is a small sample of the Carnage left behind by the 2008 recession that still hasn’t ended (Number of jobs cut since recession began):

1. General Motors (107,357)    2. Citigroup (73,056)     3. Verizon Wireless (39,000)

4. Merrill Lynch (40,650)    5. Circuit City Stores (41,495)    6. Hewlett-Packard (47,540)

Most of these companies are still cutting jobs. General Motors is planning to wipe out another  5 to 8 thousand jobs. Hewlett-Packard just announced it is cutting another 30,000 jobs by 2014.



“The automatic machine is the precise economic equivalent of slave labor. Any labor which competes with it must accept its economic consequences”

-Norbert Weiner, mathematician and founder of Cybernetics

        Don't be Afraid - Take Action


More Bad news! It's much worse than you can know. Because this is only what you can see.



Do you think it's coincidence that computer scientists (the masters of the most powerful technology on our planet) are warning about peak employment, technological unemployment and many other negative effects of technology on our society and planet?

Here is a growing list of publications that warn how technology is displacing our Workforce and Economies:

Dan Thomas
"Death by Technology:
And the Super Technology Among Us"   
2006, 2009, 2011
Martin Ford
"The Lights In The Tunnel"
Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson
"Race Against The Machine"
Frederico Pistono
"Robots Will Steal Your Job"
Marshall Brain
Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee
"The Second Machine Age:
Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies"  
Marshall Brain
"Our Final Invention:
Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era"  
Stuart Armstrong
"Smarter Than Us:
The Rise of Machine Intelligence" 
Louis A. Del Monte
"The Artificial Intelligence Revolution:
Will Artificial Intelligence Serve Us Or Replace Us?"  
Martin Ford
"Rise of the Robots:
Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future"  
Nick Bostrom
Paths, Dangers, Strategies"  
Calum Chace
"Surviving AI:
The promise and peril of artificial intelligence"  
Jerry Kaplan
"Humans Need Not Apply:
 A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"  
James Barrat
"Our Final Invention:
 Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era"  
Martin Ford
"Rise of the Robots:
 Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future"  
Dan Thomas
"The Super Technology"






If you are looking for real change and real answers you will have to use your common sense. Scientists and Engineers showed us how to build this world. They are the only ones that can show us how to fix it. They can't help us unless we meet them halfway.

Here's where you ( Start! )

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