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Technological Unemployment

(They don't Care!)



Crash course 103 is your final lesson. And what is that lesson? The lesson is this - They don't Care and they can't help you.

Your job doesn’t care. Your boss doesn’t care. Technology doesn’t care. Your government doesn’t care. Big business doesn’t care. Bankers don’t care. Markets don’t care.

The question is – do you?





The Global Economy


The most important thing you should know is this. Technology doesn’t have to fully take over in order to drive our economy over a cliff. It only has to poke a few holes in the economy to sink it like the titanic. That’s what the down turns and recessions are all about. It is technology eating away at the foundation and structures of our economies. Eventually, the recessions will lead to a depression. And if we continue our failure to make fundamental changes, the depression will eventually lead to a total collapse.



The Titanic



So what does this all mean?



"We Are Free!"



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