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Man  vs Technology

(Big Mistake!)

The human race is in a real war against technology and we don’t even know it.  All the other wars that are promoted by our governments are either false or inconsequential in comparison. The war on terrorism (false) * The war on drugs (false) * The war on poverty (false) * The wars against crime and corruption (false) * The war against disease and hunger (false). If you notice these wars never end, never work and give very little benefit if any to the common citizen. These wars are merely ploys to justify the diversion of our money and resources from the people and the needs of the people in order to fund the greed and corruption of our governments, the banks, big business, Wall Street and on and on.


By Peter Joseph founder of the Zeitgeist movement



The Real War


The real war and the real fight starts in your head. You can’t fight what you don’t understand. So learn as much and as best you can. I know most of you think that corruption and greed are our real problems and if we could just fix or tweak these problems in government, business, the justice system, the economic and financial systems etc… then we can solve the problem. It won’t work. It never has. It’s much bigger and deeper than that. Corruption and greed are only symptoms because our old systems along with our old ways of living are being driven out of existence. This in turn causes more instability, corruption and greed (Social Decay).

We lost the first war “Man vs Machine” the Luddite war - TWWI (Technology World War One).  We can’t afford to lose the second war or the third war. We allowed the politicians and business to bully, then trick us into believing that machines didn’t take away jobs. It was a fallacy then and more so now. Your foe is no longer just a machine. It is a thinking machine now. It is Technology…..


By Adam Schaefer








Gook Luck to Us All


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