About Us



Welcome to OsiXs

We are an ever growing and expanding group of scientists and engineers.

The challenges we face today are numerous and complex. But this is not the time to retreat or deny what is painfully obvious. We can’t afford it and time is running out.  

For years and years scientists have failed the general population. We thought just issuing warnings about the problems of civilization would be enough. We were dead wrong and it shows. Over the years we’ve learned from our mistakes. We’ve learned that we also have to provide a pathway to change or our warnings will continue to fall flat and eventually they are just ignored until catastrophe. The "OsiXs Plan" is the pathway, and technology will provide the NeXus. We can only help you if you meet us halfway. We can show you the door but you will have to open it yourself.  


Ignorance + Arrogance = Disaster

Don’t presume to think you know when it is obvious - you don’t!


Among our sites you’ll find some of the most advanced ideas and technologies on the planet. Take your time to absorb them, then do yourself a favor -  "Save Yourself". Don’t wait for big business, government, banks, politicians, lawyers or Wall Street to come to the rescue. They’re not coming, because in fact, they won’t be able to save themselves…