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Ice Cube - Everythang's Corrupt

November 9 2012

by: Ice Cube


Decline and Collapse

Cyberbullying, Death by Technology

October 31 2012

by: Joseph M Palmer


Cyberbullying happens 24/7, 365 days a year. It comes from anywhere, a smartphone, email, social network site, web site, or other technologically driven means. It is anonymous in many cases and it can kill.

Before reviewing how cyberbullying can kill, the stage needs to be set. We have all heard of cyberbullying, so the definition of it won't be discussed. There are numerous studies that have been done coming up with various definitions of cyberbullying. Getting away from the "clinical" definition is often easier, so it is enough to say it is "the physical, in your face bully that you don't see". It is the bully who isn't necessarily the strongest or even the "geekiest". It can be a seven year old or a seventy year old. It can be anyone with the technological means to communicate.

As in physical bullying, cyberbullying has a "target or victim" and the "bully or bullies". Please note that cyberbullying can and does occur in groups. This dispels the often thought belief that a cyberbully operates alone and in the dark confines of their bedroom or office. In many cases, a group will band together to taunt their victim. The simplest example is that of a group of girls in a school who refuse to friend someone on a social network, and then go on to describe how the "unfriended" is left out of the many events in which the group partakes. Socially ostracizing their "victim" and taunting all the while on the network. Does this only occur at schools among youth, or, does it also occur within the business environment as well? A strong case can be made that it occurs in all levels of our environment. Consider the next time an email is circulated about a fellow employee who may have had something "funny" happen to them. This in fact is "cyberbullying". As a side note, what may be handled by a parent at the school level may be handled by a lawyer at the business level. The number of lawsuits evolving from cyberbullying is ever increasing.

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Death by Technology

Superstorm Sandy breaks records

October 30 2012



Superstorm Sandy, which New York Mayor Bloomberg called "a storm of unprecedented proportions," will likely not set records for most costly or most deadly. Still, the mayor tweeted Tuesday that Sandy is "maybe the worst #NYC has ever experienced."

The hurricane-turned-cyclone can claim several historical titles.

 Sandy's strength, as indicated by barometric pressure just before landfall, set a record. The lower the pressure, the stronger the storm.

When hurricane hunter aircraft measured its central pressure at 940 millibars -- 27.76 inches -- Monday afternoon, it was the lowest barometric reading ever recorded for an Atlantic storm to make landfall north of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The previous record holder was the 1938 "Long Island Express" Hurricane, which dropped as low as 946 millibars.

Sandy's strength and angle of approach combined to produce a record storm surge of water into New York City. The surge level at Battery Park topped 13.88 feet at 9:24 p.m. Monday, surpassing the 10.02 feet record water level set by Hurricane Donna in 1960.

 New York Harbor's surf also reached a record level when a buoy measured a 32.5-foot wave Monday. That wave was 6.5 feet taller than a 25-foot wave churned up by Hurricane Irene in 2011.

 As Sandy approached the Northeast, forecasters were fond of pointing out that if the hurricane were a country, the area it covered would make it the 20th largest in the world -- roughly twice the size of Texas.


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The Environment

Why Are So Many Young Adults Moving Back In With Mommy And Daddy?

October 23 2012

by: Micheal Snyder

In the United States today, more young adults than ever are living with their parents.  Right now, approximately 53 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 24 year old age bracket are living at home.  But many of them are still in school, so that is to be expected to a certain extent.  What is even more frightening is that one survey found that 85 percent of all college seniors plan on moving back in with Mommy and Daddy after graduation.  But isn't college supposed to be about getting the skills and education that you need so that you can become independent and start a life of your own?  Something has gone seriously wrong.  Even more frightening is a different survey that found that 29 percent of all Americans in the 25 to 34 year old age bracket are still living with their parents.  Once you hit your late twenties or early thirties you should definitely be able to live on your own.  That is a time when young adults should be married, establishing their careers and starting families.  Overall, approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents in the United States right now according to Time Magazine.  So what in the world has happened?  Why are so many young adults moving back in with Mommy and Daddy?

Well, the following are a few of the factors that are involved....

Our Education System Does Not Prepare Them For The Real World

The education that our young people receive gets "dumbed down" a little bit more every single year.  Many of our young people can barely read or speak coherently when they graduate from high school, and they certainly are not being equipped with the skills that they need to be successful in our increasingly complex world.

In a previous article entitled "How Stupid Are American High School Students?", I detailed many of the shocking statistics that show how poor our education system really is.

For example, did you know that a survey conducted by the National Geographic Society discovered that only 37 percent of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can find the nation of Iraq on a map?

We have lowered our standards so far that we might as well not even have standards anymore.

In another previous article I discussed some of the signs that our young people are rapidly falling far behind the rest of the world....

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Unemployment worries weigh heavily on veterans

October 23 2012

by: Micheal Bastasch



(RICHMOND, VA) — Even though unemployment has declined in the last year in much of the country, veterans across the state of Virginia still worry about jobs, in particular for those who have recently come back from duty or are soon to be returning troops.

“A lot of people worry about work,” Thomas Pittsley, commander of American Legion Post 148 in Colonial Beach, Virginia, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “You worry about the veterans that are coming back, where are they going to work? Because there’s no work.”

Virginia’s unemployment rate of 5.9 percent is significantly lower than the national average of 7.8 percent that was reported in September. However, some still remain concerned about so many veterans returning to poor economic conditions after their tour of duty.

Last year, Virginia had an unemployment rate 6.2 percent for post-9/11 veterans.

“Personally, I don’t think there’s enough focus out there on hiring veterans, if there were people would be working,” said Eddie Humes, commander of American Legion Post 188 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Though, Humes says the unemployment problem is  currently not bad for veterans in his area, he worries about troops returning home war zones like Afghanistan.

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Decline and Collapse | The Economy

Rise of the Machines - USA

October 18 2012



Death by Technology


October 16 2012

by: Micheal Snyder


When it comes to explaining the problems with our economy, one of the hardest things to do is to get people to understand that we are living in an economic fantasy world that is completely and totally unsustainable.  As a nation we consume far more than we produce, we spend far more than we bring in, our debt is growing much faster than our GDP is, our entitlement programs are growing at an exponential rate, our retirement system is a Ponzi scheme and the Federal Reserve is printing money as if there is no tomorrow in a desperate attempt to paper over all of our problems.  But we have all grown so accustomed to the debt-fueled prosperity that we have been enjoying for so many decades that it actually feels "real" to most of us.  Unfortunately, history has shown us that it is simply not possible to grow your debt faster than your economy indefinitely.  At some point your consumption will drop back to a level more equal to your production.    Sometimes that adjustment can be gradual, but other times it can be extremely painful.  In our case, we have been living way above our means for so long that it would take a major economic miracle just to keep our adjustment to an "exceedingly painful" level.  We are living in the largest debt-fueled prosperity bubble in the history of the world, and our unsustainable economy is going to crash and burn at some point.  Hopefully it will be later rather than sooner, but a crash is most definitely coming.

The following are some of the reasons why the bubble economy that we are living in right now is unsustainable....

The Trade Deficit

Most Americans do not really understand what a "trade deficit" is, but it is at the very core of our economic problems.

Basically, we buy far more stuff from the rest of the world than they buy from us.  We send them huge piles of our money, and they send us oil that we burn in our cars and cheap plastic products that we end up throwing away.  We keep doing this month after month after month, and this is systematically making us poorer as a nation.

In 2012, it is being projected that our trade deficit will fall somewhere between 500 billion and 600 billion dollars.

At this point, the United States has a trade imbalance that is more than 7 times larger than any other nation on earth has.

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Death by Technology | Decline and Collapse

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